im so like u

It’s you, the one who lead me into the sanctuary of physics.

When I sat on the seat, I was so glad that I had the honor of listening your course.

You taught me how to “play” with physics, not just to solve it.

Today, you told us that “a person means who have the ability of oblivion.”

That’s why we have to study so hard, so does working.

There’s only two years I can study from you.

I will cherish this all.


To the team leader

I heard that our team leader’s father passed away this Wednesday.

At that time, I was so shocked.

In fact, when I saw her recently, I found that she was more depressed than before.

 I know that is because of us.

I know that is because of your father.

I wanna say:

       THANK YOU        for ur devotion.

Memory is the most , right? 

if u see this blog

and if u want, make a comment.

maybe we can be a friend.


why i’m here ─ to find someone can talk wih me .